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A great success for the first in-person trade show presenting HiveDrive live

Fabio Tantaro, 10/23/2022

The 55th edition of SAIE, the Construction Trade Show, was held in Bologna from 18 to 22 October 2022.

SilentWave has decided to participate for the first time in a trade show in its young history, exhibiting during this great event inside the "Design and Digitization" Pavilion and presenting for the first time live HiveDrive 2.0, the decentralized CDE software, which we officially released a few months ago, in June 2022.

The four days were characterized by very interesting meetings that made us realize how our choice to go against the market trend, compared to the big AEC players, can find the favor of our potential customers.

Our main objective is to allow collaboration between large and medium-sized design studios, without the need to rely on just expensive cloud solutions, often the only alternative for a profitable exchange of technical project information.

We also had the pleasure of meeting with very large and important companies, which in the future could be key for us in the development and distribution of the product in Italy, where we want to start and then expand in Europe.

Finally, we are proud to report that we came back home being awarded with the 2nd place in the BIM & DIGITAL Award 2022 , the initiative of the BUILD Clust-ER (in collaboration with AssoBIM and SAIE), created to talk about the state-of-the-art in the field of innovation and digital transformation of the built environment and reward ideas capable of interpreting change in the best possible way, for the category "Digital technologies for the production process".

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