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SilentWave announces the official release of LightBook 2.0

Press Release, 9/12/2022

The graphically renewed and functionally rethought software is finally available.

Treviso, Italy - Today the Italian software house SilentWave formalizes the official release of version 2.0 of the LightBook software, a collaborative tool designed to simplify the process of digitizing workplaces, where professionals and customers meet and create connections.

"This project – affirms Renato Caenaro, Chief Executive Officer of SilentWave – was born in 2016 to meet the needs of one of our "corporate" customers who were looking for a solution able to manage, through invitations, not just the organization of business meetings but also the booking of physical spaces (meeting rooms), where these meetings could take place. Since 2020 the pandemic, as we all know and have been forced to experiment in our daily lives, has accelerated a necessary, if not sometimes mandatory, digitization process that could combine the physical aspect in presence with the remote digital 'hybrid' aspect of daily job, whether they are calendars, activities, places and resources available to productivity."

LightBook was rebuilt and adapted to meet more structured and global requests, expanding the concept of calendar and booking in different modules:

  • Room: a room booking system with physical devices and digital applications
  • Desk: a booking system for individual workstations or areas for hybrid or shared spaces
  • People: a constantly updated work agenda with activities and the shared availability of resources
  • Signage: a module for creating and programming multimedia content to be broadcast on physical devices
  • View Point: a digital wayfinding to find places and view schedules of activities on physical devices

"LightBook is a startup project – adds Fabio Tantaro, Chief Operating Officer of SilentWave – and we enter the market aware that this sector already includes many similar solutions, which however are very verticalized. Our approach, on the other hand, is to harmonize and share information through a single source of information, bringing the 'phygital' concept to life in the workplace. We are the first to believe in hybrid work and we have successfully experimented and implemented it ourselves within our company, to eliminate as many barriers as possible in the collaborative process".

For more information please visit LightBook website.

About SilentWave
Born in 2014 and based in Treviso, Italy, SilentWave SRLS is a software house and technical consultancy company in the ICT and legal field for what concerns IT Law topics, with a background of the founders in complex work ecosystems such as Mechanical Engineering and Construction in corporate companies. The proprietary software tools developed by SilentWave over the years are focused on collaboration between professionals.

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