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There’s an “I” in BIM, and that is what makes the difference. From 3D model to the entire lifecycle of a building, matching Design, Construction and Facilities Management criteria, we drive our customers to a new digital journey by implementing BIM solutions to plan, organize and have data delivered better.

Workflow: How to collaborate effectively with Autodesk Revit and other BIM tools

The advent of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been proved to be helpful for improving project coordination and productivity. However, widely adoption of BIM does not change the fragmented nature of construction sector. An understanding of how to promote such collaborative relationships in BIM enabled projects is crucial to achieve the full potential of BIM.

SilentWave is helping customers improve collaboration team characteristics, collaborative environment and collaborative process by using BIM software in the most effective way.

Management of cross-discipline BIM models

During interdisciplinary coordination, project teams can use various modeling software. For example, architects use ArchiCAD, civil engineers use Revit, and the structural department uses Tekla. Each software is developed by different vendors and saves the model in different file formats.

BIM interdisciplinary coordination provides for combination of models into a collective model that will include all the parts of the project which are currently being tested. SilentWave is helping customers set the right environment to make this BIM interoperability happen at the highest levels and standards.

Organization of projects

BIM projects require a specific process of activities. The process involves high level of transactions on data, information and knowledge. A successful BIM project highly relies on effective collaboration among project participants including contractors. BIM becomes one way to cope with the cooperation, integration and coordination challenges faced in construction.

SilentWave is helping customers create a smooth project management system to deliver BIM projects on time and on budget.

Process of storing and sharing information

Data management has become increasingly important in many industries due to rapid technological advancement. In particular, the construction sector requires effective communication between stakeholders to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget limits. This is where CDE (Common Data Environment) comes in: it allows companies to efficiently store documents related to their projects while providing secure access across multiple users. Furthermore, this technology can streamline processes like updating schedules or tracking progress on various tasks.

SilentWave is helping customers find the right solution for their process and in addition can provide a proprietary software called HiveDrive, a decentralized CDE and Project Management tool built as an alternative to the most common cloud repositories.

ICT - One step ahead.

SilentWave provides strategic advice and plans, functional requirements definition, project management and quality assurance that are based on over ten years of experience, strong technological expertise and a clear strategic vision of innovative technologies.

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