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Managing digital edition projects can pose challenges. We are a collaborative team with expertise across various fields. We offer you guidance in using Edition Visualization Technology to create and deploy digital editions on the Web. EVT is an open source software, originally conceived as a digital interface for visualising academic digital editions, which is continuously being developed, expanding its utility to encompass a range of research fields beyond its initial scope.

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We are actively engaged in collaborative digital projects within the realms of humanities and architecture, a journey that introduced us to EVT. We have come together to pool our expertise after a few well-deserved glasses of wine in front of the majestic Lund’s Universitetsbiblioteket! Our shared goal is to provide informed guidance and support to those seeking advice on leveraging the capabilities of EVT for their projects.

EVT: a brief introduction

EVT was born in the context of the Digital Vercelli Book project, to publish a digital facsimile and diplomatic transcription of prose texts and poems in the Anglo-Saxon language. It has evolved in a tool suitable to fit different texts and needs. For example, it is now being used to publish the digital edition of the Codice Pelavicino manuscript, a medieval codex preserving charters dating back to the XIII century. The continuous development and need to adapt it to different types of documents and TEI-encoded texts has shifted the development focus towards creation of a more general tool for the web publication of TEI-based documents, able to cater for multiple use cases.

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Our Support and Assistance


We can assist you from several perspectives: from functional requirements to technical specifications of an EVT implementation project. Our team not only identifies issues but it also provides a well-crafted action plan to resolve challenges and optimize resource utilization.


We guide the customer through the hardware and software choices to host EVT and related materials. Our services extend beyond advice — we actively undertake installation and configuration activities, ensuring a smooth and effective implementation.

IP rights

Our legal team can assist you in all matters of intellectual property protection and contract drafting.


Collaborating closely with EVT's development team, we bring a unique capability to tailor solutions to specific customer requirements. From fine-tuning existing features to implementing entirely new functionalities. Our customization services are designed to meet your distinct needs.

Our team

  • Chantal Pivetta

    Chantal Pivetta

    Private Research Assistant, PhD Candidate Lund University

  • Renato Caenaro

    Renato Caenaro

    IT Manager and leader of the developer team

  • Fabio Tantaro

    Fabio Tantaro

    Project manager and activity coordinator

  • Diego Ganeo

    Diego Ganeo

    IT Law and Intellectual Property expert

Our partners

  • Rosselli Del Turco

    Prof. Roberto Rosselli Del Turco

    Università di Torino; Laboratorio di Cultura Digitale dell'Università di Pisa
    (Founder of EVT, ofc!)

  • The EVT development team

Our Company

SilentWave offers consultancy services, strategic planning, and efficient project management. Our company is built upon a profound technological expertise and a well-defined strategic vision for innovative technologies, honed over a decade of hands-on experience in the field.

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