Implement your IT Asset Management strategy

We are helping our customers in the process of acquiring, cataloging, tracking, maintaining, and disposing of an organization’s technology assets. A critical aspect of IT Asset Management is determining how IT supports the business, especially the end users. It entails managing the costs of IT equipment and infrastructure throughout their lifecycle, optimizing costs, and the use of IT assets.

Once assets have been identified, we are providing customers a proprietary software called PlacePlan to monitor and track the assets, irrespective of whether they are currently in use or not. This also involves collecting information pertaining to asset cost, licenses, warranties, location of assets, condition of assets, etc.

Improve budgeting and save money

By controlling and updating asset information in real time, IT Asset Management eliminates the waste of resources, improves utilization, saves money by bringing down unnecessary purchases, and increases security and legal compliance, thus reducing risks.

Improve productivity

SilentWave is helping customers in developing the right strategies for:

  • Model and managing master data domains by defining validation, enrichment, and matching policies
  • Deploy the models in repository to identify which source systems are allowed to interact
  • Design processes that enable data to quickly and smoothly flow between devices and software
  • Control the flow of information across the enterprise by resolving data duplicates, fixing data entry issues, and rectifying inaccurate data inputs
  • Create a centralized copy of data so it is possible to eradicate any “data bounce” effect

Partnering with Excellence

Partnering is now a critical business capability, along with customer and employee engagement. By measuring and enhancing partner engagement and capability, businesses can create significant company value. With the partnership in place with BIOS MANAGEMENT we want to maximize the value of strategic partnerships, and help create trusting and meaningful business relationships with customers.

Bios Management has been involved in consultancy in the field of Corporate Management and Organization and Performance and Business Intelligence Systems since 2004. They held a ISO 9001:2015 certification in relation to the IAF 34, 37 sector and specifically in the field of: "Consultancy in the field of Corporate Management and Organization, Performance Systems, Business Intelligence and Professional Training."

ICT - One step ahead.

SilentWave provides strategic advice and plans, functional requirements definition, project management and quality assurance that are based on over ten years of experience, strong technological expertise and a clear strategic vision of innovative technologies.

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