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It’s not all about developing and selling IT services. We help our customers to be informed and take care about everything they need to know about privacy and data protecting, intellectual property, cybersecurity, software licensing and patents, trademarks.

Legal challenges in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology

As the adoption of BIM starts to permeate the construction industry, new challenges for firms to navigate begin to surface. Legal complications associated with BIM technology range from BIM models ownership issues, intellectual property rights disputes, cyber security risks as well as insufficient contractual allocation of responsibility and liability.

For instance, it is commonplace for parties of a project utilizing BIM to share files and data through cloud storage. At some point, models initially designed by some team members would also be passed to other team members for further development. In this process, issues regarding the ownership and copyright of models, cyber security of digital data, as well as attribution of liability may arise at any stage of the project.

Contractual regulation of the use of BIM is therefore of paramount importance. SilentWave is offering legal advice and dedicated training courses on Legal BIM. Click here to learn more.

Procurement contracts come in many shapes and sizes

Making the right choice for the contract type ensures your next project is most likely to be a success – finishing on budget and on time, while also serving company objectives and mitigating risk. Proper contract management is also important for both efficient procurement management and project management. SilentWave is offering legal advice and dedicated services on writing, editing and evaluating procurement agreements.

Employees Remote Monitoring and Control

Productivity monitoring has been around for well over forty years. The advent of remote working across many industries and countries in recent times has gone hand in hand with a significant increase of monitoring software being employed by organizations keen to keep track of their employees’ time and work. SilentWave is offering legal advice and dedicated services on finding the right technical solutions aimed at solving any problem that can stand out into an organization.

Intellectual property strategies for innovation

Intellectual Property Law includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. All of these areas are related in that they deal with protecting products of the mind but in other ways they are very different. Having the right type of intellectual property protection helps you to stop people stealing or copying and SilentWave is offering legal advice and dedicated services to study every single use case and find the right actions to be deployed.

Licensing Deals: Everything You Need to Know

In the era of omnipresent technology, we all enter into countless license agreements, day by day. License agreements are contracts executed between a licensor and a licensee, in which the licensor grants the licensee the right to use a software, make use of a trademark, use patented technology or reproduce content. SilentWave is offering legal advice and dedicated services to set up a proper licensing strategy.

ICT - One step ahead.

SilentWave provides strategic advice and plans, functional requirements definition, project management and quality assurance that are based on over ten years of experience, strong technological expertise and a clear strategic vision of innovative technologies.

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