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SilentWave LAB is a research division of SilentWave that is constantly bringing experts together to maximize their experience and learn as much as possible by sharing knowledge to achieve specific goals.

Working Groups

  • Creation of informational document
  • Creation of standard
  • Resolution of problems related to a system or network


  • Roundtable/workshop
  • Continuous improvement community
  • Tech classroom

Connected and experienced

Working closely with the most promising minds around.

Ongoing Project

BIM Working Group:

IFC Exporter/Importer for Autodesk Revit

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Our Manifesto

We are actively participating in the development of an IFC Exporter / Importer for Autodesk Revit with selected PhD students in Civil Engineering. Here below the scope of the project:

  • Characteristics within the property sets of the materials (e.g. density, thermal conductivity, Poisson's ratio, etc.) referred to stratigraphic and non-stratigraphic objects (beam, pillar, stairs, curtain walls, etc.)
  • Export / Import of structural classes
    • Construction
    • Infrastructural
  • Code analysis over export of system families (exporting classes option)
  • Lights and false ceilings to be attributed to a room through downward projections
  • Analysis of Normal reversed on some curved and sloped geometry
  • Import:
    • Classes selection to import
    • Geometry check